Tuesday, August 7, 2007

still here, some bad news on the C60 pump, and copying Damian...again

Well after around 400 hours all we got was a wobbly tube. It looks like the cnt paddle might be too flimsy for this design as it just slips past the fullerenes. The good news is everything held together, so I could probably build a SiC bar rotor and really turn up the juice (slang for increasing the rotor speed and torque).

This is the first long simulation I have done in the Alpha 9 release. A while ago Damian filled me in on some of the improvements the simulator underwent between Alpha 8 and 9. There were five areas addressed, but I believe the one most relevant to the pump and nanotube systems used here were extending the parameters used to calculate graphic systems. These were made more rigorous. This may explain why the C60 survived the crash tests so well, but kept breaking apart in the pump.

Also remember when I tried calculating the modulus of rigidity and Young's modulus of a carbon nanotube and they didn't come out right? Well, those were done in A8 with old parameters, so I should probably redo them in A9.

Other than that I have been benchmarking Damian again. What is it they say about good and great artists, something about copying and stealing? I have been trying to recreate his carbon nanotube crimped junction. So far mine is different because the tubes are bonded to the rings. From what I can tell from Damian's site, his tubes are not. I have built a ring that is not connected to the tubes by placing nitrogen around the inner circumference, but this is not like Damian's either. I am sure he would probably just send me his to figure out, but this is kind of fun. In NE1 if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can press it and freely rotate the view of a part. I don't know how many times I will be squinting at some picture in Damian's gallery and push the scroll button down to try and rotate the view.

Here is mine thus far:

And my ring that's not right:

I am still wrapping up my other project. I will punch back in full-time soon.

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