Thursday, August 9, 2007

general update

Here is the current status of things at Machine Phase:

  • I am still thinking of what original project I want to tackle next and open to suggestions.
  • The C60 pump isn't dead yet, just mostly dead, so partially alive.
  • My sim-computer is now free, but I am hesitant to start a crazy long simulation on the octet truss until I am sure I won't need it for the pump. Also I am still considering the best way to simulate it.
  • This might be my favorite structure in Damian's gallery, not least because there is a lot to it I don't really know how to build. Plus I just think it looks great. I would say it is the Grand National of the gallery. <- a vague comparison but a compliment none the less.
And look what I got in my inbox yesterday:

For now I think I am going to spend a few hours taking this apart and putting it back together again and showing you how too. Just in case you are wondering, I got Damian's blessing for this series of posts.

Addendum: OR maybe it is time to look at some of the stuff NE1 can do with DNA?
I'll sleep on it...

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