Tuesday, January 15, 2008

more on the super fullerene

picking this up again...

First I had to turn some of the 6ers around so the nitrogen (blue) were facing out. First I was just really really focused on getting them positioned around the ball; I didn't care which way they faced. Next I had to try and build something similar with five fold symmetry (5er). I carved down a 6er to what I thought would be a good moiety and went from there. It wasn't the toughest I've built, but it still took a lot a spacial perception.

I will now work on positioning the rest of the 5ers. The nitrogen atoms will form the basis of the linkages. That will be tricky, but if I can build one that works, I should be able to just drop them in.

Still a metric crap load of twisting and adjusting...


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