Wednesday, December 5, 2007

selling out on intermittent motion

I still think I'll need to come up with something to stop the Maltese cross from continuing to rotate, but I have some ideas. As always I am open to suggestions too.

Yes, my pin is made out of c60s:

I built a smaller test case of this last night. When the energy is minimized, the slots on the cross had a tendency to close. However the diamond slab is a lot like Jell-O at this scale, so maybe the pin will still slide in.

I am going to have all my pots cooking, simulation wise, over the next couple of weeks, plus finals, just saying.


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The Guy said...

Found a place that might interest you, if you don't already know about it:
it's an entire (free) collection of standardized kinematic models, devices and machines for controlling assorted motions. Maybe you can mine it for engineering ideas that will work better at the nano scale.