Tuesday, December 11, 2007

and after all that an inconclusive end

The CNT has been hidden for clarity, and I did a bad job of framing too. There is not a clear stratification of the different molecules (acetylene and N2).

I am not sure if the centrifugal force* can overcome the electrostatic repulsion of all those hydrogens on the acetylenes. Perhaps this is making for a more viscous fluid and harder to stratify? I can up the RPMs, try for a longer sim and see if things sort out, but I'll want to run this on one of my back up sim computers to leave the others free.

*My apologies to Dr. G

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Perry E. Metzger said...

I think I mentioned that any pchem textbook can tell you enough about the theory of centrifugation to figure out what will work in advance. In general, I don't think this is going to work for reasons that the sedimentation equation etc. make pretty clear without any need to try a simulation.