Tuesday, November 6, 2007

cam simulation inconclusive

I raced home today because I knew the simulation would be finished. I have to admit one of the post titles I thought of while stuck in traffic was "pay no attention to the cam exploding on your left". That title was inspired by the numerous excessive energy warnings reported during the simulation, apparently from the shattering force of the cnts flying through the slab.

I am not sure if they should do that unless there are some parameters in the dynamics' code that basically says "if you are sitting on top of a monster diamondiod cam, run like hell!". I'll need to ask around about that one too. It could be a bug, but don't worry. That's part of what this is about.

I wanted to make sure I had some frames of the cam whizzing around, but it isn't exactly blurring.

Should I call this a success? The cam holds together and appears pretty rigid. I could design a more complicated test, like with forces pushing back on the cam. Any thoughts?

I haven't spent too much time building the double escape movement more, but I always get a rush of inspiration when stuff works, even like above.

A note for The Guy-DA says Boron Nitride performs a lot different at these scales, and we probably shouldn't bother with it to make something more rigid.



The Guy said...

Yeah, I'd already reviewed BN for rigidity but was thinking less about rigidity and more about vibration dampening. It isn't that diamondoid isn't stiff enough in so far as anything at the molecular level could be called stiff. It is that it accumulates a load of energy in the bonds between atoms. A structure which allows energy to spread out and equalize might be less stiff but still deliver the motion you are looking for.

(disclaimer: I may be wrong on all accounts but at least I'm thinking and communicating about it. It's easy to be right and silent after the fact.)

Tom said...

That's right. I just reread your second comment when you talked about how it may dampen the oscillations.

I hope you know how much I appreciate you thinking and communicating about it!

Please stick around.