Saturday, September 29, 2007

teasing out parts on the motion controller

I have been spending some time taking apart the controller. All I had to start with was a pdb file of the entire part. This means NE1 sees it as a single large cluster of atoms. I need to seperate the components into chunks. I also had to spend a few minutes changing the bond types to graphitic where necessary. I think I will start out with just the main shaft and rings and see if I can get them turning with a regularity.

Here is the main shaft with end caps that sandwiches the rings:

The end rings:

Here is one of the middle rings:

Take a look at the profile on this one:

It has a mono-atomic thickness, not much to hold on to. This is going to be a major aspect of the trickiness. Of course if bad comes to worse, I could build thicker rings and extend the struts and shaft to account for the wider rings. We'll see how it goes.

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