Sunday, September 30, 2007

it's a start

Well after about 30 tries, it is a start. It really did take a lot of iterations to get here. The hardest part was building a beam rigid enough not to bend or collapse. In the end I couldn't build one that didn't bend under the stress of the ring, hence the large SiC slab the beam is resting on. Also, I fluoridated everything; that's why everything has a yellow candy coating. It is a long story, but just think of them as placeholders for hydrogen. I am conducting a couple simultaneous experiments here, probably not the best lab techniques, but what can you do?

Some concerns:
Right now I am not sure how to build robust levers for the thin rings, especially since they are so close together. My lever would have to be one atom thick too? However I can rebuild all the rings similar to the two thick ones on the end, maybe use the original thin rings as spacers.

(I have no idea why this animation looks so pixelated either, but you know, $8, some frosted flakes and all that.)


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