Sunday, August 12, 2007

building the outer ring on the DDM

As my good friend Dr. G used to say before beginning a new lecture, " a modicum of review":

I was in the midsts of rebuilding Damian's DM, starting with the outer ring on the deposition arm, and trying to piece out a moiety I could use to build a new ring.

I settled on this one:

This would not produce an exact copy of the original ring because of the differing locations of the oxygen atoms around the circumference. However I now believe this one will work.

To arrive at this conclusion I built another copy of this moiety from scratch and bonded it to the one above in the plane that goes into the screen you are reading this on. You can imagine that the moiety in the above picture is the keystone of an arch with the rest of the arch branching out and downwards to the left and right. These arches would connect to form the ring. I have doubled the thickness of this moiety.

(Big Time Review: for the purposes of this site we are calling the smallest repeating pattern of a part a moiety)

I got this:

This would be rotated 90 degrees from the above picture, so we are looking into the cross section of the ring.

Extruding this 24 times as a ring produces something pretty close to the original:

Mine is on the left; or is it on the right? Hmmm. Just kidding. You can see by the placement of the oxygen that the new ring is the one on the left.

Alright, that was probably the easy part.


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