Friday, July 20, 2007

a 3d carbon nanotube array

Here is a close up of the heptagon rings used to connect the tubes. This pattern is repeated for each of the eight junctions (corners?). Because it only takes three heptagon rings to connect three tubes, this was a lot easier to make than the 2d array where pentagons had to be used to fill in the larger curvature.

And the resulting array:

I wonder how far away we are from needing a plug-in for NE1 to drop in cnts of different conductivity, maybe like P or N tubes, a circuit-CAD plug-in, if you will.

I think I will skip a 4d array and head right to 5d; I like a challenge.

The pump simulation is still crunching away.



jim moore said...

A carbon nanotube octet truss might be an interesting little project.

Tom said...

it just might...