Thursday, July 19, 2007

a 2d carbon nanotube array

This is what I was trying to make when I built the graphene/embedded tube thing yesterday. It didn't come out right, and I was tired, so I threw a SiC frame work around it and called it a universal joint. There I've come clean. However this junction is composed entirely of pentagon and heptagon lattice defects, so I believe it is a pretty accurate representation of four tubes coming together. You can connect them together too.

Here's the actual array, a good starting point for cnt circuits (imagine some of those tubes contain nested C60s or have varying levels of conductivity themselves), structural materials for very tall elevators (imagine the blue background is the fading sky beyond the troposphere), and a very tiny game of tic-tac-toe (I built it, so I get first move).

I guess a 3d array is the next logical progression.

The cnt pump simulation is currently still crunching away.

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