Thursday, June 14, 2007

a neuro-transducer while you're waiting...

I am working on the animations...soon.

But in the mean time I thought we could dream another little dream. This is my first rendition of something that I have been thinking of for a while: the Neuro-Transducer. I dabble in prose science fiction as well as graphic and have used something like this device as a plot point before, mostly for bio-espionage. I imagine clusters of them infiltrating the nervous system of the host and using the protein bundle on the inside of the brackets to identify and adhere to various nerve fibers. Once attached they can either passively pick up the impulses or, perhaps, out-right hijack them. Inter-cluster communication is accomplished through the antenna looking thing on the back. <-I describe it a lot better in the stories.

For now on I am going to use MTF as a shorthand for "more to follow". It will be our little inside code. Cool?


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