Friday, June 15, 2007

amino acid pump update and orrery animation

Here is another picture of the tryptophan pump with only the top plate removed. Last night I decided to abort the simulation I had started in favor of a much longer one. I have made that mistake in the past, wasting hours and depositing revenue in the swear-jar as a result.

This is the latest version of Ferguson's orrery with the left wall hidden. The B wheel starts to turn in the beginning, but appears to lose too much contact with the A wheel to continue rotating. I placed the B wheel a little closer and simulated it again. When I did, the A wheel started to lose it's integrity. I need to find the sweet spot.

This is the product of three simulation attempts. There are two rotary motors applying torques to the casing. They are situated along the A wheel axis. For the first simulation I had them turning in opposite directions, a buck in the swear jar. For the second attempt I thought I would be clever and attached zero-torque rotors to the B wheel to allow it to rotate freely. However I forgot that these rotors also act as stationary anchors and would not travel with the B wheel on its revolution around the A wheel, in fact they held the B wheel in place, another buck in the jar.

I think the balance of the swear jar is approaching the required funds to pay for some hardware upgrades.

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