Monday, June 11, 2007

a little moonshine never hurt -or- a theoretical design of a DNA delivery bot

This is sort of a Frankenstein's monster, sewn together from the parts of other machines as a favor to a friend. However it was really fun to make, just sort of letting my imagination run a little. The front end bores through the plasma membrane to deliver a couple strands of genetic material. The propulsion system to turbine inspired; anyone that knows me knows I have a thing for turbines. Also it is a LOT easier to make stuff that looks cool than it is to make stuff that works with any semblance of utility. Speaking of which...

The latest simulation of the orrery is done. I will go into the ordeal of why it took so long when I post the animation, but it looks like I might have something I can chalk up in the win column, a small win, but a win none the less.

More to follow.


[ mâd!x ] said...


Me encanta tu blog...Pero no entiendo!


Iá rally6 interested about this issue, but i can´t understand!!! :(


Tom said...

lo siento, pero gracias!

Michael Anissimov said...

This is really great! Was your friend Robert Freitas? Is this the chromallocyte? Can I use this picture on my blog? ;)

PS. The first comment in this thread is spam.

Tom said...

Thanks! I made it for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, but, coincidently, I had contacted Rob on another matter just last night, and he filled me in on the Chromallocyte.

Sure you can use it, and thanks for the spam heads up. I am a little too trusitng at times.