Thursday, May 3, 2007

simple nanotube clutch

These are actually animated gifs, but they are not showing up as animated in my browser. I don't know why. If they are not animated in your browser too, and you would like to see them animated I would be happy to send the gif file to you. This is another simple clutch design I have been working on. The movie is pretty short because I can only run the simulation until the clutch shaft (small shaft on the left) actually engages the secondary shaft (small shaft on the right). This limit comes back to not being able to set the travel of the linear motor. Here's another view with the bushing hidden:

In this design I am using nitrogen atoms (blue) to cap the carbon nanotubes. This forms the clutch plate. The primary shaft (largest) has a row of hydrogen atoms around the inside circumference. The clutch shaft also has a row hydrogen atoms on the outside circumference on the end inserted in the primary. My hope is as the clutch slides forward the two rows of hydrogen atoms engage. However I am not sure when I will be able to test the entire system, not until after the linear jig has some more control. Until then I will try to test it out piece wise.

Feel free to contact me for the gif files or for any other reason:

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