Saturday, May 5, 2007

more nanotube clutch and brushing up on my publishing skills

Here are a couple more of the simple nanotube clutch. The only change I made to the clutch system was to extend the secondary shaft. This was to give it more inertia and provide a stable base for the clutch shaft to press up against.

I am also tightening up the look of this place with click-free animation. Over the past couple years I've been collecting "mechanical movements". I have a drawer full of faded yellow reprints, penciled by draftsman who died long before any of us were born, depicting little mechanical systems from Victorian automatons and early industrial infrastructure. These can provide endless inspiration for nano-part design and generally are small enough to simulate on my computer in a reasonable amount of time.

Here you can see there is a lot of slippage between the clutch shaft and the primary shaft. This should not be a big deal. I am confident that I just need to line up the two rows of hydrogen atoms a little better.

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