Wednesday, April 18, 2007

how not to make a nanotube Pascaline

Click the pic to see nothing impressive. This was an experiment and I did learn something, so it was not a complete waste of time. The lesson- balance your forces. First let me explain what this is. The red carbon nanotube will be part of the ones display, blue is tens, yellow is hundreds, and green are connectors. All the tubes are rotating on rotary jigs, and the red tube is driving the whole system. This is a close up of the gears I built:

The ring of teeth on the right side keeps a 1:1 ratio, the single benzene tooth on the left creates a 10:1 ratio. The ones shaft rotates 10 times for every 1 rotation of the tens shaft and 100 times for the hundreds shaft, as it should. The problem happen because I thought the rotary jigs would have held the gears aligned more; they didn't. I am actually happy they don't because it makes for "realism". This is the first time I ever tried to put the teeth of the gears off center. The gears will eventually be held in a casing, like the SRG box, and I am sure that will help to keep these gears aligned, but I am going to re-work it all so the torques are applied through the center of mass plane.

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