Friday, April 20, 2007

first part of the nanotube Pascaline

Click the pic to see the start of the Pascaline. However, any regular visitors to this site might not be that impressed, just another variation on the "gears turning" theme. Look close and you will notice the tens gear (bottom middle) rolls through a 10th of a revolution on its own. At first I thought this was from thermal agitation, this simulation was at 77K, but now I think that the one-ten connecting gear (upper right) is rubbing on the ones gear, causing it to turn a little. Still precise starts and stops are going to be a problem. Right now I think the rotary jig cannot function like a stepper-motor, once you turn it on, it just keeps running. Also you might ask why not have the ones gear turn the tens and have the tens turn the hundreds directly; why the extra gears? Well, I started out with just such a direct connection, but I thought it would be too hard to build a casing that holds the three gears that close and still keep them separate. This way I can always attach the two connecting gears to the casing walls like with the speed reduction box if I have to. Also if you look really close towards the end, you will see a hydrogen atom come flying out from somewhere; I don't know what is causing that yet.

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