Thursday, September 9, 2010

pillared graphene

Small molecular dynamics simulation carried out in GROMACS and visualized in Blender as part of a larger project I'm still working on.


Bleyddyn said...

Nice image of what "pillared graphene" is:

That's what I was guessing, but I wasn't sure.

Tom said...

Thanks for the link. I've also done this too:

I have to admit that this is a pretty pathetic example, but I really just needed a simple way to hold the graphene layers together.

sridhar said...

Hi Tom,

Truly Amazing and Inspiring.
I am Sridhar, started my Ph.D two years ago on fluid flows in carbon nanopores.

I am also fasinated by the carbon nanostuructures.

How are you generating these carbon nano structures ?


Tom said...

Hi Sridhar,

Thank you for your kind words. I believe this structure was created in NanoEngineer-1 and the simulation was done in GROMACS. Both programs are freely available on the web if you want them for your research.


Knee Exercises said...
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Knee Exercises said...
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nano said...

Thanks for the video. Nanotechnology is modern science and has many products as single walled carbon nanotubes which are needed more research for more developments in future.

Fazli Fatih said...

Wonderful website, please continue to reveal good works ! thanks for all sharing

Dimitrios said...

Hi, Congrats for your blog. I am studying adsortpion by Carbon based materials. Have you any idea to propose me any other geometry besides nanotubes or nanoscrolls? What is your opinion about any softwares for creating any more complex geometries such as pillared graphenes?

Tom said...

Hi Dimitrios,

Sorry for the delay and thank you. I think carbon foam and arrays of carbon nanotubes would be ideal materials for adsorption. I have created some pretty complex structures with NE1 and exported them for further study in other programs. Please feel free to email to discuss these things further.


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