Friday, October 17, 2008

carbon nanotube and diamondoid turbine

What the hell, for old time sake I guess, want to see if I still have it.

I used to build Tesla-coils back in high school. It was while researching these I learned of Tesla's bladeless turbine. This is an extension of that to a degree. The two inner disks are based on Damian's low friction cnt bearing. In short, Telsa's turbine uses high pressure gas sprayed on the edge of the disks. Friction between the gas and the disks causes them to turn. I can't use that here because there would be no friction to speak of. Instead I was thinking of replacing the macro-scale friction with nano-scale electrostatic forces. Since the outside of the disks are hydrogenated, I'm assuming they have a large positive charge there. Perhaps spraying a stream of negativly charged particles between them would do much the same thing as viscosity in Tesla's.

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