Saturday, August 2, 2008

POV-Ray video of mechanosynthesis with penta-adamantane

I still might re-shoot this, but it is adequate for now-that's sort of my style. It is still only a partial movie as the tool-tip abstraction is not shown, mainly because it was never accomplished without destroying the tool-tip. I'm mostly posting this to give you an idea of what a pain in the ass this process appears to be. I'm definitely in the hunt for a hybrid system that combines the performance of the diamondoid materials with the determinability of biomaterials. It's back to the Big Ten for me at the end of this month. Maybe I'll find something there. I'll keep you posted on the chase.

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The Guy said...

Definitely sums up the chicken-and-egg situation in nanotech. If you had a ready means of producing diamondoid it'd be much easier to make devices which could manipulate diamondoid...

I've been looking out for enzymes which act on the carbon bond. So far as I know there is no enzyme which produces the graphitic bond but that'd be a great first step in the right direction.