Wednesday, April 16, 2008

carbon nanotube thermo motor-first try

This showed up in one of my aggregators this morning. Looks like temperature changes are being used to move a cnt concentric to another one. In the linked article there is a claim of "... movements along the longer tube can be controlled with a precision of less than the diameter of an atom." Well, just sitting here reading that, I'm a little skeptical, but since I don't have the original paper I can't really be sure* However I can be 100% sure if that claim is true, it would not look anything like this:

I guess I'm a little rusty

*I really need to call the library and find out what's the deal with my online access to the journals; I haven't been able to get to them in a while.

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The Guy said...

Sorry, but I just had to laugh :-) I can totally picture you checking the output on that simulation and going:

"That can't be right!"