Wednesday, February 6, 2008

and an hour later -or- rough model inspired by Guy's post

Guy just posted a link to an enzyme powered MWNT. I called dibs and produced this from the short article he linked to. I didn't have time to get the full article; that is why I am calling it a rough model.

The upper enzyme is catalase and the lower one is glucose oxidase. Both enzymes are from the PDB.


The Guy said...

That is freakin' RIGHTEOUS!!

How big is the mmp file? Could you email it to me if it isn't bigger than a meg?

I'm thinking a lot of different simple but very useful nanomachines could be built just like this. How about attaching an antibody in place of the catalase? That way whatever the antibody stuck to would get a hefty dose of hydrogen peroxide pumped into it...

Tom said...

Thanks! I want to use the linear motor jigs to try and simulate the thrust of the H2O2