Wednesday, December 19, 2007

holiday wishes

Twas the night before christmas and all through the house
I was busy building with a three button mouse

The stockings had been extruded and hung out to dry
Made by machines invisible to the eye

The gears were spinning, wrapping diamondiod thread,
While cams spun, positioning tool tip heads

As the feed stock flowed and the cooling plate chilled
Dreams of super toys would soon be fulfilled

When deep inside the fabber there arose such a hiss
Another toy done, to be crossed off the list

I set it aside to cool, its atoms precise
Another wonderful gift at a very low price.

The sides pearlescent, in quantum dot light
But still I wondered, did I infringe on copy right

No matter, the factory untraceable
The data file small and easily erasable

No doubt a great holiday is at foot
Brought by machine phase and not a man covered in soot.

Happy Holidays from Me and all of us at Machine Phase (Me)


The Guy said...

I knew those elves were tiny but come on! At least this explains how so many gifts get made in such a short time.

Keep up the good cheer, oh master manipulator.

Tom said...

best comment yet