Monday, October 29, 2007

starting the simulation

Here is the cam system in NE1. I'm starting the simulation in a few minutes, so we'll see how it goes in a couple days. Once this system is perfected (or close enough to move on), we'll have two good ways to turn rotary motion into linear motion. However these cam systems don't seem to be very efficient from an atom use point of view; it takes a lot of atoms to build these cams, and the linear motion isn't too far. But then again that is a problem I happen to encounter because I basically have to build them by hand with a computer that only, let me type that again for emphasis, only has a half gig of ram. Just thinking that these cam are basically homogeneous opposed to the pinions that contain very precisely placed oxygen atoms, they strike me as being easier to build in the lab.

Looking on, I am starting to get excited about building a diamondoid system that displays intermittent motion. In fact now I am thinking I should not have started the simulation ( I just did) on my build computer. I think I'll stop it and restart it on my main simulation computer so I can work on this new system.


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