Tuesday, October 16, 2007

next version of the diamond system-simulation

Sorry-Qutemol animations just take too long with these large files. The timing is still a little off, but I'm not going to spend another five days to prefect that. Now I need to reread back through this blog and see what I was trying to do before going on this tangent. However there is an unbelievable temptation to settle the score with movement 114; that rack won't know what diamond pinion hit it.


Alex said...

Nice animation. I'm trying to understand the working of the system. Why does the large gear have a bar sticking out of it? Is the piston supposed to come into contact with it?

The piston itself is awfully floppy, is that ideal or can it be stiffened? I wonder if the smaller gears moving the piston can be made thicker, their teeth length being equal to or wider than the piston itself (their radii remaining the same as before). Seems that such gears would help to stabilize the piston while it's being moved.

Alex said...

er... that should be rack, not piston.

Tom said...

Yes- the "diamonds said smooch" post a few days ago is more like what's supposed to happen.

The bar is really just a target to try and make the system more challenging, like having the rack timed to connect with a specific point. That's all it is.

Yes, the rack is pretty floppy, more than I expected really. I don't know if it is ideal; I doubt it. I more or less carved it out of a diamond slab. Perhaps it needs to be redesigned for stiffness, like use more triangles or something. Any ideas?


The Guy said...

Maybe try carving it out of a slab of boron-nitride instead? That's supposed to be some stiff stuff, similar diamondoid arrangement to carbon bit with a jiggly little sub pattern caused by the B:N bond.