Tuesday, October 30, 2007

more on intermittent motion

I was thinking about how to reproduce intermittent motion. It is not as straightforward as the little animation I linked to two posts ago because any time I give something a push, it is going to continue to rotate. There just isn't enough friction to stop it. I am thinking I will need some kind of break that allows a gear to start and stop. First I thought of a couple of ways to do it some disks with slots cut out of them to allow the gear to continue to rotate only when the disks rotate into the proper position. Then I thought about watches and the escape movement in them. Then I thought a lot about how that escape movement looks a lot like movement 114. <- in that link I dream about a processor farm and whine about only having a half gig of ram. The ram thing is just a coincidence.

The above picture is like a double escape. I plan on placing a mutilated pinion in the center, perhaps a wider center, and two other gears in between the forks of the rack. The hope is the rack slides back and forward causing the gears to start and stop rotating.

That's the plan thus far.


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