Tuesday, September 4, 2007

you know, for pumps...or turbines

Not too much tonight. Perry has brought up some concerns that the silicon capped spur gears may prefer to react with each other than merely rotate. I am not too sure how to check for that, so I have asked for his help. (see comments last post)

In my day job I have been spending a lot of time writing tutorials that show how to build the things you see here and elsewhere. This afternoon I started one for the famous neon pump designed by K. Eric Drexler. Anymore I am getting to a point where I can look at these things and pretty much see how I would go about building them. However, the rotor of the pump, with its threading, threw me for a loop for a good half hour. But as you can see from the above picture, I figured it out. This one is larger than the original, but I am sure the same process can be used to build it. Creating the threads is really pretty easy. It is connecting them to a shaft I am a little worried about still. I'm not going to spoil all my hard tutorial writing by giving it away here though. The funny difference between writing tutorials and blogging about this stuff is I am sure I am expected to proof-read the tutorials.

Also if anyone looks at the archive calender there on the right, they might wonder what was up with April; only six posts? I was finishing grad school then. There is still at least one more piece of paper I want to file away with the others, and class resumes tomorrow. I fully intend to keep up the breakneck pace though. This is, after all, a place for machines.

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