Friday, September 14, 2007

Some interesting ESP images of the cnt data storage system

First I would like to thank Brian Helfrich at Nanorex for producing these images.

EDIT: the second picture shows the actual atoms that were involved in the calculation. And the fluorines are in yellow, not red. The red-looking atoms are carbons being colored by the red haze in front of them. --My fault

Second- we are not entirely sure what is going on because red represents an area of large positive potential, blue negative. The square shows what atoms were included in the calcs. Here the fluorine atoms are being displayed in red and the nitrogen atom in blue. OR maybe that explains why fluorine is so electron-hungry: the large positive potential helps attract electrons from other atoms? Don't worry. There is additional personnel at Nanorex that should be able to explain what's going on, and I will ask him about the second week of next month. (<-Inside joke--brag!)

Also I know not too long ago I made a bold statement of "keep up the pace" in spite of everything else going on. I would like to point out that I also said I was going to make a huge-ass orrery too, and that hasn't happened. In all fairness to me, the orrery was more of a hardware constraint than a time one.

I got a big old test Monday, but I guess I could cancel a couple dates this weekend (models are a dime a dozen right?). We'll see how it goes.

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