Monday, September 24, 2007

a historic differential -or- don't forget the machines

This is the Drexler-Merkle differential gear. It was designed in the mid 90s. I have been told no one was able to simulate it with the casing and bevel posts, until now anyway. The four bevel gears are rotating on little posts bonded to the casing wall. I built it from scratch. I have been trying for the last three weeks or so to get this to work. After a long-ish simulation running over the weekend, I hit pay dirt and there was much rejoicing.


Mark Sims said...

Excellent work, Tom. This is the very first successful MD sim of the diff gear with a complete section of the casing included. I've been waiting for someone (besides me) to do this for 3 nearly years. Now you should try it with the entire casing. Eric and Ralph will be proud.

Tom said...

the entire casing is there, just invisible.

That might sound weird if you are not familiar with NE1, but it's true.