Friday, August 24, 2007

exploring the DNA features of NE1

First for the cnt data storage system, I am trying to produce an image of the electrostatic potential (ESP) of the N and F atoms, just to see what I can see really. However I have not been able to yet, still figuring out how to do it with NanoHive. <- that's a link to the NanoHive gallery. There is an example there of an ESP simulation of a carbon nanotube. This evening I was trying to use NanoHive to make the ESP image. I spent a half hour on it and then fell asleep. I had an amazing dream that I totally figured it out, everything was clear as day; I was even using the program to forecast hurricanes, something I am pretty sure it can't do. Alas it was just a dream... Also I haven't forgotten about the octet truss. I am going to anchor the ends and run a simulation to see if I can get an idea of how rigid it is. Depending on what happens there I may expand the simulation ambitions.

Other than just playing around, I have not done anything with the DNA modules of NE1, until tonight. Here is a DNA cross motif I built following a tutorial...more or less:
This image was rendered in QuteMol and is of DNA chains connected together to form a cross.

These arrays have actually been synthesized, so we are more into science fact than fiction. I'm just getting into myself, but I understand DNA nanostructures have big time potential.

Definitely MTF

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