Tuesday, August 14, 2007

continuing the DDM

First thing I did tonight was extrude the ring I built yesterday to make the first arm part of the DDM:

Next I decided to build the deposition tip. For this all I did was isolate Damian's and approached it like building a big o'l moiety. I probably put a half mile on my mouse with all the view changes and rotations. However I found a better way to build things like this: use the ball and stick view. Switching to this display helped a lot because it is easier to focus on just the atoms without the bonds. Here are the tips in CPK for comparison:

You can probably tell that the slightly irregular one on the left is mine:

It still needs some fine tuning and some shifting, and I just check the properties of both these chunks when I grab that picture; mine is missing a couple carbons and some hydrogen. I guess I'll go chase those down.


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