Monday, July 16, 2007

well, I don't think it was sabotage, but...

While implementing a couple things on the nanotube C60 pump that Damian suggested, I just happen to completely hide the casing. Guess what I noticed. Looks like we've been playing with a broken ball. It's time to revisit the rotor based pump design.

Also the diamond camshaft is done, posts of pics soon. It's beautiful.



Michael Anissimov said...

Please explain why red dots on the picture mean that it's broken. Realize that most readers have no idea what you're talking about unless you explain it.

Tom said...

Sorry, I thought the five of us would see that those red dots are open bonds. You can see that the hexagon pattern is broken, so it's a C59 not a C60. Somewhere along the line in building the pump an atom got deleted.

I should go back through all the iterations and see when this fullerene was damaged.