Tuesday, July 3, 2007

making beveled gears

I was never that good a pacing myself, so here is another post for today on making beveled gears. I started with a beveled gear moiety:

The atom color scheme is as follows:

gray - carbon
white - hydrogen
yellow - sulfur
black - silicon
purple - phosphorus
red - oxygen

Again, coming up with the moiety is the hard part. After I had that I could extrude different sized rings to make the gears. Like this:

The large gear was built by extruding the moiety 20 times, the middle gear 15 and the small one 10. You can see that 20 times is about the limit this moiety can be extruded and still keep a beveled edge. To go larger will take a larger moiety.

The do-or-die simulation of the cnt based pump is crunching away, but I will probably not have time to post it tomorrow.

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