Saturday, July 7, 2007

C60 crash test results...5 star rating

So the buckyball is the Volvo of molecules.

Here is a simulation of a C60 molecule colliding head on with a SiC slab under a force of 5Nn, the maximum force the cnt rotor can convey.

And a pinch test, again at 5Nn:



jim moore said...

I think that shear forces may be tearing the C60 apart. It looks to me that the walls of the C60 "like" the walls of the pump, so when you push on the top of the C60 the bottom of the C60 does not want to move creating shear forces.

How about a KISS strategy and just push a row of bucky balls through a bucky tube for a C60 pump?

Tom said...

Yeah, there sure does look like there is some kind of van der waals attraction going on there, especially
in the post where the benzene paddle jumps out to meet the channel wall.

As for the KISS strategy, way ahead of you, wait about an hour. How about a SiC housing instead of a bucky tube?