Thursday, July 26, 2007

a 12 spoke hub for the truss

I think this is what Jim was describing in his comments (see post from the 23rd). I had to eyeball the angles, so they are probably a little off. I will add a reference grid I can snap to and better layout tools to my personal NE1 wish list. <- what would be great is if you could select two dots on the grid and connect them with pre-made tubes, allowing you to select all the tube's properties before they are inserted of course.

This didn't take as long to build as I thought it would, just a couple hours. I used the same basic process as the four and six way junctions, position the tubes and fill in the space with a combination of hexagons and pentagons. There are several heptagons in there too, but I think I can swap them out for hexs and pents.

So I guess I just start connecting them together until my computer blows.

Also in the last post when I said you had to combine all the chunks of a part to paste it in the build console, I was not really accurate. At the time I forgot you could just insert a complete part with all its chunks still seperate. Insert/Paste: two different features. I just wanted to clear that up for my own piece of mind.

The full pump simulation is still whirling away.


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