Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm serious when I say I think this is a real improvement

The simulation finished a little later than I thought it would, so that is why I didn't post it last night. You can see that the C60 molecule is well on its way out the hole when a paddle shears against the channel wall; everything kinda of falls apart after that. Next I will make a slight adjustment to the channel wall, decreasing its curvature, and see how it goes.

Perhaps this shearing could have been avoided with a little more due diligence before starting the simulation; the old carpenter's saying of "measure twice, cut once" especially comes to mind. This conjures up images of spinning the paddle in the design console, measuring the distance of closest approach, maybe looking up that value in a table of tolerances I have been keeping during my work, adjusting accordingly, etc. This may, or may not, be a more effective process than the one I currently use which involves rubbing a rabbit's foot across the computer monitor where I think luck is needed*.

*just kidding, the truth is somewhere in between.

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