Sunday, May 6, 2007

movement 114 rendered in nanotech -or- she's a brick house

After some helpful advice from Perry Metzger, I present movement 114 version II. It is constructed out of Adamantane, a diamondoid. The rack is two layers thick and the alignment plates are one. The plates are not connected together, but held in place with anchor jigs. If it works with the anchor jigs, I will worry about building a single-piece casing. There are a lot more atoms involved in this version (I forgot to look how many exactly), so it is taking a lot longer to simulate. I will run one overnight, and then we can all watch it fall apart in the morning. <-that sounds rather grim. What I meant to say is I am sure everything will go just fine. However watching stuff break always gives you a good idea of where the weakest link is and just a part of the design process.

Also I am not too sure on the sulfur teeth (I got rid of the nitrogen and oxygen; sulfur has been good to me so far). I might end up having to make the entire rack out of diamondoid and go with a more conventional, and robust, "mutilated pinion".

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