Saturday, May 19, 2007

movement 114: new design with casing

I spent most of this evening building the casing. Again I am going with silicon carbide. I also spent a little time extending the pinion teeth by another row of carbon atoms and reshaping the pinion slightly to make it more symmetrical.

Right now I am mainly concerned with two things: the possibility that the rack will shear off hydrogen atoms on the inside of the casing and the monumental size of this new design. There are over 16,000 atoms making this part, and they're giving my pentium 4 all it wants and more. I can't yet imagine how long it will take to create a decently long simulation, probably a couple weeks if I had to guess. Maybe I can put together a cluster of computers, or maybe I can get Movement 114 on the NanoHive queue. I have a hunch the processing problem will need to be solved in order to produce ever more interesting designs.

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