Friday, March 16, 2007

When the wine's sour...

I hope that is my last Charlton Heston reference, but it is keeping with the agony and the ecstasy. I was spending a lot of time on the gear re-design for the CNT SGR without ever really being happy with it, specifically the spacers. Originally I had built SiC rings and, more or less, haphazardly attached them to the ends of the tubes to keep the gears aligned in the casing. I have thrown them out in favor of a much simpler design which is supposed to be the ideal of engineering anyway. This time I attached one Si atom to each carbon atom on outside rings. The Si atoms were then bonded to each other to form couplets. On the outside of each couplet I deposited a sulfur atom, and on the inside hydrogen. This is a much simpler spacer and looks like it will be more stable. Above is the new pinion gear without the teeth added yet. I am going to build the other gears in a similar way and see how they work out.

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