Monday, March 12, 2007

CNT SRG simulation update 2

After a little over 88 hours the simulation is 89% complete. It should be done tomorrow morning. The total atom count for the CNT SRG is 11,914. In the mean time I have been working on another CNT speed reducer, trying out some different designs and techniques. I am not sure how well it will work, but what I have done so far is posted above. This is more of an experiment in connecting CNTs of different diameters using SiC junction rings. These rings are a lot like the spacers I used to align the CNT gears in the speed reducing box below. However this time extra carbon atoms are deposited on the inner circumference to decrease the inner diameter. The idea is the inner carbon atoms will bond to a small diameter nanotube and the carbon atoms on the outer circumference will bond to a larger nanotube, joining the tubes together. If this doesn't work I will try using a heterojunction CNT. This is a single tube that changes in diameter along the length of the tube. However within the software I don't think I have the ability to choose the two diameters. This is why I am trying to develop techniques for joining any two nanotubes of different diameters together. Ultimately I would like to build some kind of mechanical calculator, perhaps like Babbage's Difference Engine. One has already been built out of Legos. If I am going to do this alone though I will definitely need to up grade my computer power.

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