Wednesday, May 23, 2007

simulation update

I started the latest simulation of Movement 114 a couple of days ago, but I have ran into some problems. Two near instantaneous power outages and a freeze up (accompanied by an amazing hissing sound from the speakers) have forced me to restart the simulation three times. I can get a back up power supply, but I am not sure what cause the freeze. In the mean time I have been messing around and trying to recreate (loosely) Damian Allis' Low-Friction Carbon Nanotube Bearing Assembly. Mine is still kind of crappy...

Now the excuses:

1. I am using my trusty old Toshiba laptop (perhaps I should approach them regarding an endorsement deal for one of their top of the line models?) and things are painstakingly slow, forcing me to economize on the atom count.

2. I only have the two pictures to work from, and I am having trouble discerning exactly how it's built.

3. I still have a lot to learn and only spent a couple hours working on it.

I had not intended for you to see the wiggly thing on the right. I thought I deleted it, but I just hid it from view while working on other stuff. QuteMol shows all. I could have re-made the pictures without it but thought you deserved to see everything, kind of like how the American space program had a bunch of rockets blow up in full view of the media while the Russians had the benefit of failing in secrecy.

Also Damian's blog has not been accessible today, but if you haven't been there before, keep trying.

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