Saturday, May 26, 2007

revisiting Damian's bearing

Well Damian was nice enough to send me everything I needed to see how his bearing was built, so that is what I have been up to tonight after restarting the Movement 114 simulation. I switched to the other computer too. The previous one (where it froze) was one I assembled myself. Coincidence?

I started with the center section which I carved into a tiny piece that was manageable and could be extruded. By extruded I mean the right hand side will, in essence (I am sure there are more technical ways to explain it), plug into the left hand side. This is a great feature in NE1 that allows you to make very long chains and rings of things very easily.

I next rebuilt this fragment one atom at a time. This took a little over an hour and a few tries because I would lose my place and had to nearly start over. But I eventually got it.

This was the hard part. After this fragment was completed, all I had to do was extrude it into a 16 piece ring and adjust it.

I will work on finishing the complete bearing tomorrow.

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